Monday, February 28, 2011

Good Transportation News!

One of the common themes I have heard over the last month is concern about students getting to the new school safely. I have stressed this issue with my supervisors at the district office and I have seen them work very thoughtfully with the several parties involved to secure solutions. I am grateful to report that they appear to have found solutions to two of the most pressing concerns:

#1) There will be a bus stop in Dalmore Meadows. It is tentatively planned for the intersection of Braemar Way and Dalmore Drive. (I believe this is the same spot where students currently catch the bus for Saratoga Shores.)

#2) The city and district have reached an agreement with the property holders along 800 W to create a path that will provide a safe walking/biking route for the students in Sunrise Meadows. There is currently a sidewalk on the west side of 800 W that reaches partway to the school. A new path will be constructed on the east side of 800 W that will complete the journey to the school. (However, please note that this path cannot be constructed until a trenching and piping project already slated for the east side of 800 W is completed. Hopefully, the project will be finished this spring or early summer so construction on the walking/biking path can done by the start of school.)

#3) I hope to be able to provide information about how Silver Lake students will get to school, but I still do not have any definitive news. As soon as I have something solid to report, I will update the blog.

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  1. Is there any new news on how the kids in Silver Lake will get to school. I am very concerned about the busy, narrow road they would have to take to get there. We are really hoping for a bus!!
    We are very excited for a new school and can't wait to start the new year there!